Opinion: ‘Don’t just sit there, do something.’ The stock market is telling you to make some hard decisions with your money now.

I have always refrained from saying what legendary investor Sir John Templeton considered the four most dangerous words in investing: This time is different.” After months of talking to and reading the words of investment experts trying to find the right way to describe and forecast the US economy and stock market for 2023, I’m … Read more

‘It’s a shame!’: Six businesses vacating Bethlehem’s Westgate Mall amid redevelopment | Eat, Sip, Shop

BETHLEHEM, Pa. – One Westgate Mall business has closed and about half a dozen others are planning to shutter or relocate in the coming months amid the Bethlehem shopping center’s ongoing redevelopment. Salon chain Holiday Hair closed Wednesday, while Amateur Athlete, Fashion Nails, Hawk Music, Subway and Westgate Jewelers and Repairs are preparing to vacate … Read more

Binance stablecoin BUSD sees a sharp market cap drop amid solvency and mismanagement worries

Stablecoins in the cryptocurrency market help provide US dollar-pegged tokens within the volatile industry. In bull markets, the market capitalization of stablecoins tends to decrease as investors flock to more volatile assets; and in bear markets, investors seek shelter in low-volatility stablecoins, thus increasing their market caps. On Jan. 26, the total market capitalization for … Read more

Counterfeiting, contraband, cocaine: how Panama’s trade hub lost its luster | Panama

In the Colón Free Trade Zone, near the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal, the dated Perspex and glass buildings are emblazoned with brand names for electronics, perfumes and textiles. Behind loom vast warehouses and dozens of port cranes, while on the street, shop owners unload merchandise from shipping containers. Established in 1948, the world’s … Read more

How to find a job in the one tech market that is not seeing layoffs

Strong demand for cybersecurity workers is continuing even as big technology companies lay off thousands of employees. That’s not a big surprise, as cybersecurity is seen as one of the more resilient areas for tech investment in a more cautious economic environment — though even it is not immune from the tech sector slowdown. But … Read more

Mortgage rates tick down ahead of Fed meeting next week

Washington, DC CNN — Mortgage rates fell slightly this week, staying almost flat ahead of the Federal Reserve’s closely watched interest rate-setting meeting next week. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 6.13% in the week ending January 26, down from 6.15% the week before, according to data from Freddie Mac released Thursday. A year ago, the … Read more

Vanguard Sees Non-US Equities, Emerging Market Bonds as Top Sectors in 2023

Vanguard 2023 projections Vanguard has released its January 2023 investment and economic forecasts, and there are some interesting projections that all investors should consider. The forecast predicts faster economic growth in China than in the US or Europe. When looking at investments, Vanguard predicts global equities to have the highest return projection for the year … Read more

US inflation roller coaster prompts fresh look at long-ignored money supply

NEW YORK, Jan 26 (Reuters) – The amount of money sloshing around the US economy shrank last year for the first time on record, a development that some economists believe bolsters the case for US inflation pressures continuing to abate. The Federal Reserve’s main measure of the nation’s money stock – known as M2 money … Read more

Dow Jones Reverses After Key Economic Data; Tesla Stock Surges On Earnings, Musk Comments

The Dow Jones Industrial Average reversed lower Thursday after an early release of fourth-quarter GDP and first-time jobless claims. Meanwhile, Tesla stock surged as much as 11% on strong fourth-quarter earnings results and Chief Executive Elon Musk’s subsequent comments. X The Commerce Department’s fourth-quarter GDP slowed to 2.9% annualized growth, higher than the expected 2.7% … Read more