Tire Nichols: A timeline of the investigations into Nichols’ death after a traffic stop and arrest by Memphis police

CNN — Almost three weeks later a traffic stop in Memphis resulted in a violent arrest and subsequent death of a driver, police are expected to release police body camera footage of the incident to the public. Tire Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man, was hospitalized after the arrest on January 7 and died three days … Read more

The steep plunge in used car prices — what it means, and what’s ahead

new york CNN — Tracking used car prices is enough to give anyone whiplash. Since the start of the pandemic and the resulting disruptions to new car supply chains first sent prices soaring, used car prices posted their largest annual increase on record – up 45% in the 12 months ending in June 2021, according … Read more

Joshimath: A Himalayan gateway in India’s Uttarakhand state is sinking

CNN — For years, residents in the northern Indian city of Joshimath have complained to local officials that their homes are sinking. Now authorities are being forced to take action, evacuating nearly 100 families in the last week and expediting the arrival of experts to determine the cause. Cracks running through the city are now … Read more

Southeast tornadoes: More than 30 tornadoes reportedly hit as severe weather strikes the region on Thursday, leaving at least 7 people dead

CNN — At least seven people, including a child, were killed Thursday as severe storms swept across the Southwhere ferocious winds sent residents running for cover, blew roofs off homes and knocked out power to thousands. Recovery efforts will continue Friday after the storms damaged power lines, severed tree limbs and sent debris flying into … Read more

Tornado causes ‘significant damage’ in Selma, Alabama, mayor says, as severe storms rake Southeast

CNN — A huge tornado that tore through the Alabama city of Selma Thursday caused “significant damage,” Selma’s mayor said – one of more than a dozen twister reports made in that state alone as severe storms tear through the Southeast leaving several injured. The “large and extremely dangerous tornado” in Selma, confirmed by the … Read more

California weather: Monterey Peninsula could become an island as storms flood swaths of California

CNN — Monterey Peninsula residents could soon be living on an island as mammoth flooding threatens to cut them off from the rest of California. The state has been hammered by a cascade of atmospheric rivers – long, narrow regions in the atmosphere that can carry moisture thousands of miles. At least 18 people have … Read more