The Justice Department was prepared to seek a warrant had Biden not consented to a home search, sources say

CNN — The FBI’s unprecedented search of President Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, resulted from high-stakes discussions between the Justice Department and Biden attorneys over when and how it would take place, sources familiar with the matter tell CNN. Biden’s team stresses that it was cooperative in the lead-up to Friday’s search and even … Read more

There is no US debt crisis

Republicans in Congress are threatening once again to force the US to default because they lack the votes to enact their preferred fiscal vision. Yes, it’s debt ceiling season once again. For those not following along at home, US law imposes an arbitrary limit on the amount of money the government is allowed to borrow. … Read more

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former “fixer,” meets with Manhattan DA investigators

Michael Cohen, former President Donald Trump’s ex-attorney and “fixer,” met Tuesday afternoon with investigators from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, the latest sign that his years-old investigation into Trump may be picking up steam. Cohen confirmed that he was asked for an interview by investigators for the DA, Alvin Bragg, as he arrived for the … Read more