I spotted my husband in a new restaurant promo

A widow said she spotted a dead ringer for her late husband in a promotional video for an Indian restaurant that the establishment claims was filmed earlier this month. Spice Cottage in West Sussex, England, has had its Facebook page flooded with comments after Lucy Watson commented that she saw her late husband and his … Read more

DOJ sues Google over its dominance in the online advertising market

CNN — The Justice Department and eight states sued Google on Tuesday, accusing the company of harming competition with its dominance in the online advertising market and calling for it to be broken up. The move marks the Biden administration’s first blockbuster antitrust case against a Big Tech company. The eight states joining the suit … Read more

How Big Tech’s pandemic bubble burst

new york CNN — In January 2021, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke in lofty terms about how the first year of the pandemic had sparked a staggering shift towards online services, benefiting his company in the process. “What we have witnessed over the past year is the dawn of a second wave of digital transformation … Read more