Mental health disorders due to hair loss and hair thinning, tips to treat it | Health

‘A good/bad hair day’ is a phrase that most of us have used at some point in life and this is a testimonial of the fact that how important hair is to a person’s emotional and mental health where hair loss affects both men and women. However, women face more distress and depression compared to … Read more

Morbidly Obese Man Found His Weight ‘Exhausting,’ Goes on a Fitness Journey and Sheds 250 Pounds

An Iowa man on a steady fitness journey has lost an incredible 250 pounds (approx. 118 kg) over eight years in a healthy way. No longer morbidly obesehe is hoping his weight loss story will inspire others to strive for their goals and succeed. Heath Thompson, 35, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was always a “big … Read more