4 Nutrition and Weight Loss Myths Debunked for a Healthier 2023

Share on PinterestDiets and nutrition trends are often sensationalized on social media to excite people, but they usually aren’t sustainable for long-term health. Valentina Barreto/Stocksy Many Americans refer to social media for health information regarding diets and weight loss. Knowing how to decipher what is factual and safe from what is not can be difficult. … Read more

Stop hating on pasta — it actually has a healthy ratio of carbs, protein and fat

New year, new you, new diet. It’s a familiar refrain. One popular dieting technique is to create a food blacklist. Quitting “carbs” or packaged foods is common, which can mean avoiding supermarket staples like pasta. But do we really need to ban pasta to improve our diets? This is what we call a reductionist approach … Read more