Opinion: ‘Don’t just sit there, do something.’ The stock market is telling you to make some hard decisions with your money now.

I have always refrained from saying what legendary investor Sir John Templeton considered the four most dangerous words in investing: This time is different.” After months of talking to and reading the words of investment experts trying to find the right way to describe and forecast the US economy and stock market for 2023, I’m … Read more

Americans short on emergency savings amid ‘dangerous scenario’

Suze Orman speaks during AOL’s BUILD Speaker Series at AOL Studios In New York. Jenny Anderson | WireImage | Getty Images An unexpected bill is never convenient. But there are even more reasons now that an unforeseen event — such as a car repair or medical expense — could put Americans on unstable financial footing. … Read more

High egg prices due to a ‘collusive scheme’ by suppliers, group claims

Eggs for sale at elevated prices in New York on Jan 21, 2023. Fatih Aktas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) Egg prices soared to historically high levels in 2022 — and one group is alleging the trend is due to something more nefarious than simple economics. Across all egg types, consumers saw average prices jump 60% … Read more

Retirees fall short on retirement income replacement ratio

Mstudioimages | E+ | Getty Images To maintain your standard of living in retirement, the rule of thumb is that you need to be able to replace at least 70% of the income you had while you were working. But many retirees fall short of that retirement income goal, according to research from Goldman Sachs … Read more

4 key money moves in an uncertain economy, according to advisors

By most measures, the new year is off to a good start. However, economists and business leaders alike predict there are rougher times ahead for the market and the economy. Year-to-date, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average have advanced about 4% and more than 2%, respectively, while the Nasdaq Composite is up 5.9%. … Read more

Secure 2.0 Lets Retirees Delay RMDs. That Doesn’t Mean They Should.

Text size It’s worth doing the calculations to determine whether taking RMDs earlier may ease your tax bill. Dreamstime The Secure 2.0 Act gives savers 72 and under an extra year before you have to withdraw money from your retirement accounts. But just because you can postpone your required minimum distribution (RMD) doesn’t mean you … Read more

State-run self-IRA programs continue to grow as more options launch

Sturti | E+ | Getty Images Whether you have access to a retirement plan through work increasingly depends, at least partly, on where you live. Within the last decade, 16 state legislatures have adopted retirement-savings programs targeting workers whose employers don’t offer a 401(k) plan or similar options. Some programs are up and running, while … Read more

The stock market will be watching these earnings numbers. Here’s why it matters to your portfolio.

Corporate-earnings season has just begun, and the fourth-quarter results that will pour in over the next two weeks could be critically important for investorsas Tomi Kilgore explains. Mark Hulbert looks at an important trend that hopefully won’t reverse this earnings season. More coverage as earnings season begins: EV market in flux Xpeng’s P5 electric car. … Read more