Europe grew faster than the US last year. Its markets are outperforming too

London CNN — Europe’s stock markets have beat Wall Street by the biggest margin in more than three decades over recent months as its economy looks set to dodge a recession many thought inevitable just a few weeks ago. Since late September, European market benchmarks have risen by 20 percentage points more than Wall Street … Read more

Fourth-quarter 2022 GDP: What economists are expecting

Economic growth is expected to have slowed slightly in the fourth quarter but was still solid, driven by a strong consumer. Economists will be studying Thursday’s report on US gross domestic product carefully for signs of how strong or weak the consumer actually was at the end of 2022. Retail sales suggest spending fell off … Read more

Goldman Sachs slashes bonuses for junior bankers by as much as 90%: insiders

Bonus week at Goldman Sachs turned out to be a bust for already shell-shocked workers as payouts for some were slashed by as much as 90%, insiders told The Post. Many junior bankers — who last year raked in bonuses well into the six figures — learned Wednesday they would receive just $10,000 or $15,000 … Read more

Markets: Bad news for the economy is now bad news on Wall Street

new york CNN — The market is bracing for a perfect storm of bad news. The latest worry? The impending debt ceiling drama in Washington. The United States hit its borrowing cap on Thursday, forcing the Treasury Department to start taking “extraordinary measures” to keep the government open. If an agreement is not reached, markets … Read more